Global Index International  world-class boutique-personalised wealth management and portfolio management.

Investment Solutions and Financial Services on all levels, from Corporate and Business to Individuals and Families. With over 20 years of experience with a worldwide client base.

Specialist financial advice

With proven track record of Wealth Management and Investment Portfolio Management in an increasingly complex financial environment for the benefits of our clients.

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Global Index International a comprehensive customized approach to each client. You are unique.

Our integrated business model and personalized approach deliver the power of a global leader with the care and commitment of a small firm


Independence and integrate capabilities that makes sense to you.

Our Open Architecture approach allows us to provide independent and objective service with access to the expert resources of the world's largest Financial Institutions with the personal commitment of an organization dedicated to private clients.


Global Index International offers you a range of tailor-made investment products and portfolios through major financial institutions. We work with our international partners to manage and monitor our client’s assets while carefully tracking developments in the financial markets and observing global events so that we can meet the needs of regular people, whether they are in the heart of Zurich, in New York or Dubai.

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Corporate & Business

Global Index International offers a wide range of services to corporate clients drawing a range of investment capabilities.


Financial Strategies

We act on behalf of clients rather than working as an agent of any one financial institution.